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China Sustainable Investment Review 2022

China Sustainable Investment Review 2022

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Based on public information, China Sustainable Investment Review 2022 (the "Report") has mapped out the status quo and the size of sustainable investment in China. As compiled by the China Sustainable Investment Forum (China SIF), the available market size of the major types of sustainable investment was about RMB 24.6 trillion in China in 2022, with a year-on-year growth of about 33.4%. Among it, the green credit balance was RMB 20.9 trillion; the AUM of ESG mutual funds totaled RMB 498.41 billion; the outstanding size of green bond was RMB 1.67 trillion; the sustainability-linked bond was RMB 105.99 billion; the social bond was RMB 662.02 billion; the transition bond was RMB 30.02 billion; the outsanding size of sustainable wealth management products was RMB 104.9 billion; the total amount of ESG equity funds was about RMB 270 billion1; and the total amount of green industry funds was about RMB 361.077 billion.
This Report summarised the international development trend of sustainable investment, reviewed the progress of China's responsible sustainable policies and financial institutions' sustainable investment practices in recent years, mapped out existing ESG stock indices, mutual funds and asset management products, and shared the results from the survey regarding individual investors and asset owners' attitude towards sustainable investment.