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【News】Announcement of China SIF Changing Its English Name and Logo

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Update time : 2022-06-06 09:59:07

Dear partners and people from around the world who are following China SIF,

According to the development needs of China SIF, for the purpose of enhancing the personalized recognition and communication of the Forum brand, to further improve the overall brand image of the Forum, as well as to better align with the Global SIFs Network, China SIF has made the following changes to its English name and logo.

I. Effective immediately, the English name of the China Social Investment Forum will be changed to "China Sustainable Investment Forum". The old English name "China Social Investment Forum" is no longer in use. The Chinese name and the English abbreviation "China SIF" will remain unchanged.

II. Effective immediately, the China Sustainable Investment Forum has launched the following new logo. At the same time, the old version of the forum logo will be discontinued.

The new China Sustainable Investment Forum (China SIF) logo adopts a Chinese traditional Jade Blue (Yuqin Blue) color as the main brand color and Sprout Green as the accent color. The curved hollow design holds up the new leaf, symbolizing that China SIF is like a bridge to facilitate communication between all parties; the curved hollow design crosses the "SIF" pattern, also symbolizing that the China SIF is actively linking up with other SIF organizations in the world.

III. The English names and logos on the official website (, published reports, promotional materials and other displays will be gradually replaced with the new version.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you and your organization by the change of the forum's English name and logo. Thank you for your long-term support and attention to China SIF. We will continue our efforts to build an international communication platform focusing on sustainable investment, green finance and sustainability issues.


China SIF    

May 24th 2022